De Coudie Beach House

The De Coudie Beach House was designed by Sydney Architect, Prue Murdoch, whose brief was to create a modern, livable design that blended with the natural environment and nestled into the sand hills.

There are three main 'wings' to the house - the main north living wing, the secondary bedroom wing, and the lower bunkhouse. All are separated by and linked with a generous entry, stair hall on each level. All proportions in the house are plentiful with bi-folding doors creating a magnificent indoors are outdoors feel in the main living area. Despite the generous proportions of the house, it is barely visible from the beach, or indeed any of the surrounds. 

The House is located in a wonderfully pristine location at Island Beach on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. The setting is remote and private, the house set amongst the sandhills with the living areas at the height of the tree tops, with a wide panorama of the beautiful blue waters of Eastern Cove, yet the building is barely visible from the beach or the water. However, this does not mean the view from the deck is compromised at all.

Approaching the house along the bush lined driveway, keep an eye out for local residents such as kangaroos, wallabies, goannas or echidnas.  On the way to the house you will be struck by the rich and varied colours of the local flora.  It is not until you are inside the house that you are presented with the panoramic views of the bay, and the tranquility and splendour of this unique location becomes evident.

De Coudie Beach House needs to be the first priority for accoomodation if planning to spend 3 or more nights on Kangaroo Island. It is the only beach house on the island that promises luxury at an affordable price.